The Archer Trust - title


Introduction to the trust

The Archer Trust is a UK charitable grant-making trust based on Christian values which is registered with the Charity Commission number 1033534.

The Archer Trust was set up in 1994 in memory of Ronnie Archer, who rose through the ranks of Unilever to become Vice-Chairman. Throughout his life he and his wife Catherine applied his surplus earnings for the support of good causes. He provided the money; Catherine researched the beneficiaries.

Ronnie's early death did not bring this fruitful partnership to an end. Catherine set up the Archer Trust in 1994 and gave it initial funding from Ronnie's estate. As well as being a trustee, Catherine acted as the Trust's secretary and, from the company's generous widow's pension, made further gifts every year from the date of its foundation. She was a pillar of her local church and community, passionate about education and the disadvantaged, a loving mother who was keen to keep her wider family in touch with each other, and in times past a fine magistrate and an enthusiastic horsewoman. Her service to the Trust involved, among other things, consideration of all applications, correspondence with many of the applicants and visiting a number of the charities chosen for support. Her sudden death in November 2021, at the age of 87 but at a time when, though frail, she was living a full social life, was unexpected, and a blow to the Trust. Generous provision in her will, however, demonstrates her wish that it should continue its work unabated, which it will.

It is hoped that the Archer Trust will be a fitting memorial to a talented but modest couple.

Any correspondence should be addressed to the Secretary, The Archer Trust, Oakford, Stortford Road, Standon, Ware, Herts, SG11 1LT.

Guidelines for applications for grants

If you meet the following criteria, we may be able to help you:

  • You are a small UK charity for whom a grant of between £1,000 and £5,000 will make a big difference.
  • In one way or another, you provide aid or support to a defined group of disadvantaged or marginalised people.
  • You are competently run and can support your application with up-to-date accounts.
  • You have made the effort to tap into local sources of wealth.

We prefer to support organisations working in areas of high unemployment and deprivation. We favour charities which make good use of volunteers. We support projects both in the UK and overseas, but for overseas projects only via UK charities which can ensure that funds are being well used. We make grants to charities of all faiths and ethnicities.

We will look up your latest accounts on the Charity Commission website so you do not need to send them to us. However, please provide a brief summary or your finances and also relevant financial information which is not available from those accounts.

We will not make grants representing more than 10% of a charity's income.

We do not support:-
(a) Individuals (including GAP applicants)
(b) Conservation, heritage and environmental projects
(c) Conversions for disabled access
(d) Charities supporting animals
(e) Research
(f) Evangelism
(g) Umbrella charities
(h) Hospices
(i) Charities with cash balances in excess of 9 months' expenditure.

We receive large numbers of applications which do not meet our criteria as set out above. This is a waste of the applicants' time and money. If you do not meet our criteria for support, please do not apply.

We receive many applications; we cannot give grants to them all. We will reply at our own expense to successful applicants or to those whom we are seriously considering but need further information. We will not reply to unsuccessful applicants unless we have asked for further information. To save on your costs, please do not send a stamped addressed envelope, and do not use special delivery or first class post. Replies may take some time because the trustees only meet twice a year.

Applications should be sent by post to The Secretary, The Archer Trust, Oakford, Stortford Road, Standon, Ware, Herts, SG11 1LT.